Introducing the Witty Weather Pun Film Series

When you’re thinking critically about film


The less said about our present situation the better. Apparently medical professionals haven’t thought to reach out to Breanna Stewart because I can’t be the only one who thinks Stewie could develop a vaccine for COVID-19 if she put her mind to it.

The WNBA is still holding its draft despite the ongoing pandemic and has yet to make any decisions about the 2020 season. The league faces fewer logistical hurdles by virtue of its smaller size, but if we’re being honest, it’s hard to envision how we get to see the WNBA this summer.

In an effort to continue generating #content and provide an entertaining diversion, I will examine basketball movies. And by “basketball movies,” we’re talking a film that features basketball in any form. Should this pandemic go on long enough, I will absolutely consider Catwoman to be a basketball movie.

Reach out on Twitter (@JosephZucker) or in the comments with any suggestions.

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