Moving On Up

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.34.50 AMYou’ve probably noticed by now I haven’t written about the Seattle Storm in nearly a month.

Regular readers are likely disappointed by this development, but I’m not overly concerned because that would mean I actually have regular readers to this extremely niche WordPress blog.

I stopped writing here for the time being upon becoming a contributor for High Post Hoops. Fear not, for I continue to break down Storm games, which you can read here.

My work can be featured in front of a larger audience at High Post, and I can help strengthen coverage of the Storm for the site.

I’ll still keep Witty Weather Pun up and running and maybe make the occasional post here and there. But head to High Post Hoops for the more regular Storm content as they march on to a WNBA title in 2018.

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